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Welcome to my beginning piano book for all ages. 

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     Learn piano with Joy



The learning how to play piano book that begins on A.  

The songs begin simply and build seamlessly.This way, beginning pianists can coordinate themselves and feel the beat.

The songs follow an imaginative story line, with beautiful watercolors.


                                   “Kiss your brain!  That is brilliant! 

         My granddaughter just started piano lessons and I ordered it for her!

         I took piano over 60 years ago …unfortunately, the books haven’t changed much… 

         Finally, you’ve created something much more engaging and fun for children!”   

                 –Dr. Jean Feldman, Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and creator of                                                                                                       Dr. Jean’s Guacamole Song 

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Dr. Jean Feldman

Wom-Woco Publishing

Our publishing company is named after one of the songs in the book called Dancing the Wom-Woco on Uracoconutus

Alison Cheroff

When Alison is not teaching or playing Bach, she dreams of music, art and really great piano books.  As a trained Taubman instructor, she wanted to teach from a piano book that showed a natural hand position and encouraged coordinate movement.   She also grew tired of piano books that had disconnected songs, commercial-looking artwork, and started on middle C.  Her quest to find a beautiful piano book with a story line inspired her to compose and paint her own.   Alison’s specialty is to help injured pianists overcome their pain at the piano and to play with freedom and ease. To learn more about Alison’s teaching, please click on www.thepainfreepianist.com

Michael Wilson

Alison’s husband Michael is an educator, musician and co-publisher of Bananas Hardly Say Anything During the Day.   Michael plays piano, twelve string guitar, and mandolin.  He has written musicals and plays, which were produced during Alison and Michael’s eighteen years living in Manhattan.

“It am grateful to be part of this creative journey to help beginning piano students.”  

Michael Wilson

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We encourage you to buy this book locally. We do not sell on Amazon or with major booksellers. We distribute our books only with private music and bookstores, gift shops and toy stores. To view our locations click here.  

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